Predator Cycling Selected to Test NVIDIA High Performing GPU- Customer Success Story

Predator Cycling was one of a few lucky companies to be selected by NVIDIA to beta test the new RTX A6000 GPU in conjunction with the Lenovo ThinkStation P620.

With the power of accelerated speed from NVIDIA and the professional horsepower of Lenovo’s workstations, we were able to heighten our production design and output at levels and cut processing times.

“The NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU and ThinkStation P620 deliver cutting-edge performance and speed to accelerate design processes and production times,” said Aram Goganian, co-founder of Predator Cycling. “We’re able to do complex wind drag simulations, mechanical and structural testing, and topology optimizations with AI in near real time, enabling us to show customers design changes with minimal delay.” – Aram, Predator Cycling

Read NVIDIA’s blog post here:


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