Predator Cycling Releases Custom Hybrid 3D print Skeleton / Fused Carbon Fiber Aero Bar Extensions for Time Trialists and Triathletes


After the success of our one-piece bar/stem combo carbon fiber track and road handlebars (Major Cockpit series), newly designed and highly aerodynamic Aerobar extensions are available for all mapped riding positions supported by fluid dynamic simulation optimization.  

Mount Juliet, TN, 11/27/2022 – Predator Cycling LLC, a designer, and manufacturer of custom high performance carbon fiber race bicycles and components, announced today the launch of their highly anticipated TT and Triathlon Aerobar Extensions. The new bars are fully customizable to each rider’s arm position and are built using photogrammetry tools within computer simulated softwares with the option to optimize hand, arm, and positional movement in sync with real-time riding analytics. Using technology for predictive movements, Predator is able to run hundreds of data-driven CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) templates that allow them to piece together the most optimal final design and layout for manufacturing.

Predator Cycling Aerobar Extension Details:

  • Designed for each rider using provided photogrammetry and inserted within 3D design multi-platforms, optimized in simulated actional environments, and controlled in digital twin ecosystems via the Metaverse for customer interactions
  • Manufactured using a custom hybrid high temperature 3D skeleton and fused carbon fiber composite
  • Customers are encouraged to schedule a one-on-one consultation to begin measurement process via website 
  • Aerobar Extensions begin at $1795 USD with the option for CFD simulation testing

“We’ve been revisiting our manufacturing processes these past few years and incorporating digital technologies that have yet to be applied within the cycling industry on this level,” said Courtney Bresler, Managing Member and Marketing of Predator. “We’re offering virtual representations with real-time analytics that can drastically improve the quality of a riding session for a reasonably fair value. This is the future of attainable data in all sports.”

“I’ve worked with Aram at Predator Cycling since our early racing days as juniors. The evolution of design presented by Predator is mind-blowing. These extensions, made specifically for my TT position have allowed me to lock-in my upper body posture. They’re stiff, responsive, and give me so much more stability.”- Cory Williams, Legion of Los Angeles Racing Team

The announcement comes after the successful display of the Predator Cycling RF20 frame and Major Road Cockpit System at the Autodesk University conference in New Orleans, September 2022. 

About Predator Cycling LLC.

Predator Cycling is a custom carbon fiber bicycle manufacturer and technology company located in Mt. Juliet, TN. Since 2005, Predator has expanded beyond hand-built carbon frames into the maker revolution with the addition of CNC manufacturing, 3D development via Fusion 360, simulation services, and Metaverse application improvements. Predator excels in the development of digital manufacturing workflow systems with support from Lenovo, NVIDIA, and Autodesk. Predator Cycling is an NSF grant candidate for Phase 1 research of AyoWork App, an explorative application for streamlined workflow management through generative design and AI-based learning initiatives. Visit for more information.

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